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CCTV systems to suit all budgets! At Griffin we design, install and maintain a CCTV installation bespoke to your needs and budget in Warwickshire and surrounding areas.

Capture Every Moment

Our cameras capture stunning images in either full HD or 4K and with up to 500m IR range, the image clarity is not hindered in poor light and night times.
Our cameras maintain their clarity through all challenging lighting conditions. Night or Day!
Capture footage from up to 500m away during low light.

CCTV Cameras Warwickshire

If you’re looking for a CCTV installer company in Warwickshire then you’re in safe hands with Griffin Video. Read on below to find out about our security systems for your home or commercial businesses.

How can we help?
Our digital Hikvision CCTV camera installation in Warwick
Our Digital CCTV Systems cover:

  • Installation of CCTV Systems and Cameras for residential homes and businesses

  • Supply and fitting of cameras, DVRs / cloud recording and other equipment

  • Maintenance of CCTV systems

With burglary, criminal damage and vehicle crime are high levels, CCTV can help deter both theft and vehicle crime. When a criminal knows they are being recorded it is enough usually to deter them away and to move on to another target in Warwickshire. Once recorded, the footage can provide excellent evidence to pass on to the Police.

Residential CCTV Camera System

We know you want your home and family to feel safe at home. So what better way to make your house secure then with a security camera system to cover your garden, driveway and entrances.
At Griffin we are a video, audio and domestic CCTV installation company in Warwick with over 40 years experience. We have a team of experienced installers ready who can fit your cameras.
If you are a homeowner then you won’t require anyone permission to fit the cameras. However, if you’re renting or don’t own the home you will need the landlords written permission before installing CCTV the property. If the property is a listed building then you may also need planning permission your local planning authority will be able to advise you. We work in the whole of Warwickshire region including Henley in Arden, Coventry, Stratford-upon-Avon, Dorridge, Lapworth and Solihull. You can significantly reduce the chance of your home being targeted as thieves because they will usually move on to a less secure house once CCTV has been seen. If you require CCTV installation contact Griffin today!

Commercial CCTV Security

We understand that you want your warehouse, shop, workplace, hotel or commercial property to be covered by the latest CCTV cameras. With the cost of CCTV systems being reduced quite dramatically over the past decade, a camera system for your business has now become a viable security add-on for the majority of people. It can even reduce your insurance premium and of course help with peace of mind. The closed circuit cameras monitor your business and protect it from crimes such as burglary, and vandalism. In case the CCTV system does not act as a deterrent the the footage can be used as evidence which you can give to the police or show in court. All of our installers are industry qualified and experienced which gives you the peace of mind that your security installation is in the hands of experts. We can visit your premises to provide you with a FREE security audit.

The Latest CCTV Technology

We only use the latest security camera technology from HIKVISION. After surveying your home or premises we recommend how many fixed dome cameras or PTZ cameras are needed.

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Ready To Discuss Your CCTV Security Installation?

If you’re ready to find out more about our quality security systems then we’ll be happy to help you and provide a quote for the system and installation. We can answer any questions or queries you have about any part of the process. Please our call us on 01564 792270.

Turn your old CCTV system into a full HD system

We can now offer an easy upgrade to your old, low resolution CCTV system to a full HD or 4K CCTV system. This can all be achieved with using existing wiring in your property, saving you money and disruption to your property. BNC/Coax cabling, used in older CCTV installations, did not support the resolution of HD footage. This results in a lot of re-cabling and extra costs being incurred when upgrading your CCTV system. With the use of Hikvision’s Turbo HD range and their cutting-edge technology, old BNC/Coax cabling can be reused. Not only this, but full HD and 4K footage can be sent down the cable removing any limitations you may have had with your old cabling.
Choose from Full Hd or stunning 4K quality cameras
choose from Terrabytes of storage to record all your footage onto

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