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Our Access Control solutions are flexible to fit all premises and organisations.
Whatever the size of your premises, our Access Control solution is flexible to fit all sizes and can be easily added to in the future.
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With a range of Access Control products to choose from, our solution can be suited to all budgets.

Why use Access Control?

Access control can help you lock down areas of your building that need additional security. You can add Access Control to several doors on your premises, and instead of carrying a bunch of keys, all doors can be accessed with the use of just one fob or card. What is more, it takes away the security threat that keys provide by eliminating the chance of keys being copied, stolen or lost.

One of the key benefits of Access Control is that you’ll never have to change a lock again should your keys get lost or stolen. With a centralised management system users’ access tokens can be barred from the system should they become lost or stolen. Once presented to any of the readers on the doors, the barred token will not be allowed access to the doors.

Purposes of Access Control

Access Control is beneficial for a variety of different premises. For commercial organisations, Access Control can help secure valuable assets from theft as well as protect your staff and their belongings. With access control, you can manage each door to ensure that it abides by the security measures that you’d like it to use.

As well as granting properties to the doors, access control also offers flexible control over users’ access rights. Certain users can have access to all or a selection of doors and/or can have access to doors during a certain time period. For example, staff members can access a buildings main entrance door, between 9am and 5pm, but then only be allowed access to certain doors in the building.

Access Control can be a secure, convenient and flexible way of controlling the access within your premises, whilst also being a cost-effective option for areas where access needs to be restricted.

Paxton Access Control

Paxton specialise in a flexible and cost-effective solution. With a wide range of access control readers and access tokens you can find a solution that can adequately suit your requirements and budget. The quality of Paxton’s Access Control system has led to Paxton winning a reputation for reliability and ease of use.
Key benefits of Paxton Access Control
• High quality and reliable systems: All Paxton products come with a 5-year guarantee for peace of mind.
• Ease of Use: Minimal training is required for system administrators
• Flexible and Scalable: A system that grows with you. Add doors and users as your business grows
• Net2 Software: No hidden costs or unexpected costs, Net2 software can be installed on as many PCs as required
• Free Software upgrades: Software upgrades are completely free, so you can always take advantage of the latest features.

With the use of Paxton Net2 software. Users can benefit from centralised administration to control sites that have up to 1000 doors. You can also benefit from Paxton Net2 scalability by adding up to 50,000 users. With this, Paxtons Net2 Access Control solution offers a scalable and flexible solution that can suit all organisations.

Key Features of Paxton Access Control

• PC based system
• Control Door and Users centrally
• Flexible with 1000s of doors and up to 50,000 users
• Event reporting
• Scalable; add to systems easily
• Integrate other building systems
• Choose from Proximity, magstripe or keypads

The Paxton Access Control can be fitted to all Small/Medium premises, as well as large corporate premises. Multi-site premises such as schools, universities or other corporate organisations can also benefit from Paxton Access Control. IT can also be fitted to areas which need additional security such as Car Parks by using allowing users through barriers with vehicle detection.

Access Control Event Logging

The Net2 Software also has intelligent event logging that can be accessed in just a few clicks. Users can simply check previous events on specific doors to see who has accessed successfully or who has tried access but been denied access. The event logs also log any issues that arise with the doors, such as connection failures to the Net2 software.

As well as Doors, the Net2 Access Control also logs the behaviour of users. You can drill down into which doors a specific user has used, as well as which doors they are unlawfully trying to access, providing you a time and date for each attempt.

Stand-alone access Control

For smaller, less complex requirements, Paxton also offer a Stand-alone access control solution for low security doors, such as internal doors. With these products, the system compacts an integrated readers and control unit into one door entry system. These systems can be used in small businesses, Sports Clubs, low risk internal doors and storage units.

Switch2 Access Control

Another stand-alone option is that of Paxton's Swtich2 Access control solution. Typically used in higher security doors, this door entry solution separates the control unit from the reader and the door, to avoid tampering from unauthorised individuals. The Switch2 system offers a scalable and simple solution for small to medium sized businesses, schools, car park barriers and other sites requiring a high level of security.
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