Capture Any Event

CCTV systems to suit all budgets! At Griffin we design, install and maintain a CCTV installation bespoke to your needs and budget.

Capture Every Moment

Our cameras capture stunning images in either full HD or 4K and with up to 500m IR range, the image clarity is not hindered in poor light and night times.
Our cameras maintain their clarity through all challenging lighting conditions. Night or Day!
Capture footage from up to 500m away during low light.

Only the best CCTV products

We are Hikvision certified installers, meaning not only do we provide and install cameras from the world’s leading CCTV provider, we are fully certified to do so. We offer a broad range of CCTV cameras, from full HD to stunning 4K quality and to suit any need. We believe we have a CCTV solution for any purpose and market.

The technology our CCTV cameras have to offer are vast. You can choose a standard CCTV camera that captures footage continuously or select a CCTV camera that can offer much more. CCTV cameras that support; Vehicle number plate recognition, Face recognition, Intruder detection, unwanted item detection and removal detection are just a small amount of features you can choose from one of our CCTV camera solutions.

Cameras to suit all markets

With cameras that offer plate recognition, Face recognition, Intruder detection, unwanted item detection and removal detection to name just some of the features supported, we believe we can offer you the perfect CCTV solution for your property. We have installed some of these cameras in retail, education, healthcare and enterprise organisations.

Why choose Hikvision CCTV?

- World’s Leading CCTV Provider
- Manufacturers of Full Suite CCTV
- Support for Full HD and 4K cameras
- CCTV Solutions for a broad range of markets including; retail, education, healthcare, critical infrastructure, enterprise and many others.
- User-friendly, highly scalable solutions
- First Class support team from over 25,000 employees.

For more information about Hikvision, please click here to view their guide.

Turn your old CCTV system into a full HD system

We can now offer an easy upgrade to your old, low resolution CCTV system to a full HD or 4K CCTV system. This can all be achieved with using existing wiring in your property, saving you money and disruption to your property. BNC/Coax cabling, used in older CCTV installations, did not support the resolution of HD footage. This results in a lot of re-cabling and extra costs being incurred when upgrading your CCTV system. With the use of Hikvision’s Turbo HD range and their cutting-edge technology, old BNC/Coax cabling can be reused. Not only this, but full HD and 4K footage can be sent down the cable removing any limitations you may have had with your old cabling.
Choose from Full Hd or stunning 4K quality cameras
choose from Terrabytes of storage to record all your footage onto

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