Smart Intruder Alarms

Our Intruder Alarms provide a range of alerts notifying you of an intruder

Easy to use, Full of Security

Stay alert of intruder notifications with a tidy, easy to use intruder alarm system.
Complete Wireless Solution
Our Intruder Alarms solution is completely wireless. Therefore there's no need for additional wires to be ran through your premises, reducing the cost and increasing the tidiness.
Notifications Anywhere
Get notifications away from your home. Our Intruder Alarm solution alerts your smart phone and/or tablet so you can have peace of mind whilst away from your property.

Why use Griffin for Intruder Alarm Systems?

At Griffin, we only use the very best products for intruder alarm systems so that we can ensure that our solutions are feasible, cost effective and above all secure. We install products from a world-leading manufacturer of intruder detection and prevention named Pyronix for use in all residential, commercial and industrial properties. Pyronix offers cutting edge design and engineering excellence to ensure they are in a market-leading position from within the UK. Our close work with Pyronix has seen us install several of their intruder alarm systems, either as a fresh install or to replace older and/or more complex intruder alarm systems into a more secure and user-friendly solution.

Robust System Intelligence

The Pyrnoix Intruder Alarm system is fully wireless, which brings importance to both wireless technology and battery life. To help ensure the battery life is sustained as long as possible, all detectors functions, apart from two-way supervision are entered into a low power sleep mode to save its battery life.

Each device included in our Intruder alarm systems has intelligent technology to ensure the system runs securely and reliably. The devices come fitted with a two-way control, so they all receive and transmit messages such as enabling and disabling the alarm, tampering or supervision to ensure all devices on the system are kept up to date in real time. All this communication can be made by the devices up to 1.6km away in open space, eliminating the need for repeaters and reducing installation costs for those harder to reach areas of your property.

The intruder alarm system also works with maximum security in mind. 128-bit encryption is used to ensure the signals being transmitted and received by the devices are protected against code-grabbing. This delivers a high level of protection to further ensure peace of mind for you.

Pyronix Cloud

The cloud from Pyronix offers a perfect solution for when you are away from your property. The Pyronix Cloud acts as a gateway, connecting the Pyronix IP Control panels and any of your smart devices, as long as you have an internet connection. The connection between the IP Control panel and your smart devices are fully encrypted to ensure maximum protection between messages and push notifications on your smart device.

With the Pyronix Cloud you can remotely manage your intruder alarm system. You can remotely manage your intruder alarm system, as well as manage users and notifications that can be sent to devices. The ProControl+ App that is installed on your smart device is customizable, so it can be fully personalised to suit your needs. You can add your organisation logo to the homepage, add additional branding too to maximise brand exposure and much more.

ProControl+ App

Users can benefit from complete control and monitor their Pyronix intruder alarm system with the use of the ProControl+ App. The use of this application extends the functionalitliy of the Pyronix Intruder alarm system from a security solution to a fully integrated system. It enables users to control so much more than just their intruder alarm system. Users have the ability to manually set their alarm, as well as control automation outputs. This includes garage doors, gates and lighting, as well as watching live and recording video from compatible CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world at any time, suing an internet connection. The ProControl+ App is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Remote Maintenance Solutions

Pyronix Intruder Alarm systems also contain a remote managing system called InSite, allowing authorised remote access to you alarm system to monitor events, diagnose potential faults and view an overall status of your Intruder alarm system. Should you ever have an issue with your intruder alarm system, the built in InSite system allows you to authorise us to monitor the status of your intruder alarm system and diagnose it accordingly. This offers you additional peace of mind, confidence in the system and a much more efficient and cost-effective way of maintaining and diagnosing your system.

The InSite software allows us to:
• Perform a full service of your Intruder alarm system automatically
• Keep service calls to you minimised to reduce disturbance
• Regularly view system reports to ensure your intruder alarm system is operating sufficiently
• Receive instant notifications should a fault, alarm, or any other significant event occur
• Backup your system database daily to ensure vital data is not lost in a disaster recovery situation

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